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ضيافة عائليّة



Family hospitality
The only way to ensure a true immersion experience, in which Arabic is your primary language of daily interaction, is to stay with a family who will speak Arabic with you when you wake up in the morning and at home in the evening. Mount Carmel Arabic Immersion offers you individual homestay with a carefully selected local host family who will be happy to share the Arabic language and culture with you in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

A typical breakfast in the village incorporates the traditional Druze flatbread, fresh labneh cheese, high quality local olive oil, olives and fresh vegetables. Wide use is made of a popular herbal mix of hyssop (za’atar ), toasted sesame and sumac, called doqa. The Druze also traditionally prepare delicious meals from seasonal wild greens gathered from the surrounding hillsides. Please come eager to experience new flavors, and be sure to indicate any dietary restrictions or food allergies.

Private apartment
We strive to match you with the best families for you, based on your profile and any stated preferences. If, however, you would prefer to stay in your own private apartment for the duration of your stay, please contact us to discuss arrangements.

Ahlan wa-Sahlan!
The families of Daliyat al-Karmel and ‘Usfiya look forward to wishing you “Ahlan wa-Sahlan! ” and welcoming you into their homes.


اهلاً وسهلاً

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