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تعلّم فعال


Active Learning


In addition to dynamic classroom lessons and learning through household interaction, the Mount Carmel Arabic Immersion places great emphasis on applied learning, by using Arabic in the community and in activities outside of the classroom.

Community Involvement

Immersion program participants in both the One-on-one Track and the Class Track are encouraged, but not required, to involve themselves in the community through volunteer activities. Such activity is entirely optional, and is simply a great way for you to maximize your exposure to the Arabic language and culture during your stay.
Based on your own areas of interest and talents, we will work with you to match you with organizations in your host village, where you will be able to put your growing Arabic skills to use, keeping elders company, reading to the blind, assisting the physically handicapped, or sharing your knowledge with students.


Learning activities and fieldtrips
Seasonal courses will include creative group learning activities outside of the classroom, such as weekly daytrips to historical sites and Arab communities, and one evening a week dedicated to lectures and workshops. As much as possible, these activities will be conducted in Arabic and will use Arabic-speaking guides.

Excursions to old and new Nazareth, ancient Tzippori, medieval Acre, or to visit Bedouin in the Negev Desert and other Arabic-speaking communities, will not only allow you to meet interesting people and experience some of the complexity and cultural wealth the region has to offer, but also to broaden your vocabulary and improve Arabic comprehension and discussion skills.

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