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Learn Arabic in a peaceful, welcoming and pluralistic community

For millennia, Mount Carmel has been known for its beauty, sanctity and serenity. Today, its scenic and hospitable Druze mountain villages invite you to immerse yourself in the Arabic language and culture.


Living with host families will enable you to speak Arabic in your daily life.

Mount Carmel Arabic Immersion offers classroom and individual study with certified and experienced Arabic instructors, flexible scheduling, enrichment activities in Arabic, and a variety of ways to integrate into community life.

Mount Carmel’s villages, Daliyat al-Karmel and ‘Usfiya, have lively urban cores, where you can stroll and shop, enjoy a hearty lunch, get exercise at a gym, or sit down for a cup of tea or coffee and Middle Eastern desserts. Within minutes, you can be deep in the Carmel Range’s lush oak groves and hiking trails, or bathing on a Mediterranean beach.

The nearby city of Haifa offers many riches: vibrant Arabic-speaking districts, where you can absorb the traditional atmosphere of Wadi Nisnas and its souq, delve into the shelves of an Arabic bookstore, or enjoy trendy restaurants and nightspots popular with Arabic-speaking youth from the region.

Mount Carmel Arabic Immersion offers unparalleled proximity to innumerable sites in the Carmel region and northern Israel as a whole, where visitors can get a glimpse of the cultural riches from ages past.

Mount Carmel Arabic Immersion allows you to enjoy the best of all worlds: a picturesque Arabic-speaking town with all the modern conveniences you are accustomed to, easy access to both nature and city, and exposure to a lifestyle that balances tradition and modernity.

تْفَضَّلوُا ... بيتنا بيتك

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